Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Song 6 - Under the sea

Here's more Disney parodying. This is also a little teaser of a much bigger project - 'Jonah: The Musical', currently being written by yours truly. Enjoy. (Contains some references to jokes in the script, and Malay words)

The storm winds are blowing crazy
Rain is pouring down like mad
The cloud conditions are hazy
the sky it's lookin' real bad
Just look at what he has brought us
We are going to capsize
There is not much choice left for us
we'll listen to his advice

Into the sea
Into the sea
Get rid of Jonah
when he's a gone-a
we'll be set free
If we don't throw him we will die
it's better him than you or I
Though he cannot swim
we gonna throw him
into the sea

The boat it-a keep on rocking
Takin' water on the deck
The cargo, it keep on soaking
down there it look like a wreck
Sailing for a twenty years now
no such problem of this kind
For sure it is Jonah's fault now
let's get rid of his behind!

Into the sea
into the sea
say we don't know him
grab him and throw him
nobody see!
No need more time to wait and think
we got to act before we sink
no need a fetter
just throw this fella
into the sea
into the sea
no better reason
no better season
if you ask me
This storm is going to kill us all
it's better one man take the fall
I want to live so
Jonah has to go
Into the sea

His God told him go
but he ran away
Quite stupid I know
so he's here today
And now we in hell
we go down as well
The boat it going to crash
We ask what to do
he said throw him in
we don't have a clue 
so we listening
So now we prepare
To buang him in there

Into the sea
Into the sea
when Jonah drops
maybe the rain stops
We don't have anything to lose
this ain't no 5 star luxury cruise
all us together
get Jonah wetter
into the sea
throw his belongings
and all his stockings
into the sea
it's a no brainer
it can't be plainer
don't know why we here
din' do this earlier
He is a gone-a
Throw mister Jonah

(all scream)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Song 5 - Kiss the Girl

I love parodying Disney tunes. It's quite a challenge.

There you see it
sitting on the window sill
it's sitting in the room until
there's so much aroma
and you cannot wait
you gonna get your plate
you wanna eat the pie.

Yes you want it
look at you, you know you do
you want more than a slice or two
it is that delicious.
it's still piping hot
go on, take your shot
go on and eat the pie.

it's a dream
you get some cold ice cream
and you just eat the pie
that was nice
go get another slice
and you enjoy the pie.

Now you've had it
and you feeling satisfied
and you feeling good inside
that was quite amazing.
but you're not quite done
you want another one
you can't resist the pie

take a break
you'll get a stomach ache
if you eat some more pie
that's enough
you've had your share of stuff
you've had enough of pie.

don't despair
it won't go anywhere
it's just a piece of pie
that's the deal
keep it for your next meal
then you'll enjoy your pie.

So now you save the pie
tomorrow have the pie.
Slowly enjoy the pie.
You know you love the pie....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Song 4 - L.O.V.E

L is for this lovely food we eat
A is for amazing cuts of meat
M is for the many, recipes you carry
B is also for the bones that can be boiled some more and

Lamb is perfect for a meal for two
Lamb is also great in irish stew
Soups are great with lamb meat
as with noodles, it's a real treat
Lamb, goes great with anything!

Lamb, goes great with anything!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Song 3 - Everything

It's Buble time.

I'm a mastermind, I'm intelligent so
there's my getaway plan, I am good to go.
It's a perfect heist, I cannot be stopped
but then everything just flopped.

I was in the bank, and I got the cash
And I was ready to make my escape back to my stash
I did not expect, this real twist of fate
cause this new hitch, I did not calculate.

Cause then came Superman, and then he crushed my hand
It hurt like hell, it was a fail
he looked at me, and then he hauled my ass to jail.

I did not stay down, I planned my escape
I just can't bear to, be stuck in this shape
so my master plan, just like Prison Break
will get me out of here make no mistake.

Once I get outside, I'll be free at last
my accomplice has a van outside to leave real fast
so by the time they know that I've disappeared,
Mexico's north border I'd have cleared.

But then came Superman, and then he smashed our van
So back to jail, back in my cell,
it is no use, I can't escape, oh what the hell.

so la la la la la la la
so la la la la la la la

I hate you superman, I'll kill you when I can
I'll have revenge, eventually
It might take months, it might take years, so just you see!
The day has come - where I have become
your arch enemy.

So bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha
Bwa ha ha ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Song 2 - Jalur Gemilang

Time for some Malaysian related parodies.

Well everybody thinks they know this song
but when they sing it they get it all wrong
on Merdeka day, we'll sing anyway
even though all of us don't know what to say.

That doesn't stop us from trying to sing
it's clear to all that we don't know a thing
so we just make it up, or we just shut up
and we'll wait for the chorus to come up.

But until then we will try to hum along
and make it seem like we know the song
until the part we can shout as one
come on join in, it's a lot of fun!

JALUR GEMILANG - are the only words we know
JALUR GEMILANG - back to silence we will go
sing la la la, or bla bla bla
just fill it up and wait for the next line.
JALUR GEMILANG - look how confident we roar
JALUR GEMILANG - oh, no, wait not anymore
so that's for you, we know it's true
just sing those two words and you will be fine.


We will be fine
as long as we,
we know the line -


Song 1 - Jack's Lament

Welcome to lyric parodies. This website will showcase all sorts of tunes with alternative lyrics. Feel free to sing them with the originals!

First up, Jack's Lament from the Nightmare before Christmas.

There are few who deny
at what we do we are the best
just call Jack's Plumbing Services and see.
We clear blocks in the day
and fix blocks in the night
And we only charge a minimal fee.

We work twenty four seven
every day of the year
And we don't even take a Christmas break!
For we do understand
you might need a hand
just in case that on that day there springs a leak.

And block after block
we remove them all
and we're at your door
with a single call

the plumbing king
will guarantee we'll fix everything.

Oh call us now for special rates
for any job between these dates
Our service runs around the clock
for any leak, repair or block.

I am skilled with the wrench and the tools on the bench
and so are all the workers in my crew
We are chiefs of equipment, specialists with alignment
rest assured a perfect job we'll always do.
And since there is a need to be skilled as with speed
to prevent continued complications
our plumbing fixes are the quickest by far
we'll exceed all of your expectations.

So don't fear, the plumbing crew is here
with the very top of the men on the job
we'll be there in a flash, you can count on us all day
we'll fix it all up and be on our way.

Oh discount rates available now
with prices that will make you 'wow!'
We guarantee the best of the best
as long as you call J-P-S.